Susan Wilson tells WTSP her daughter is seen getting kicked and punched in the head on cell phone video and wants the district to do more to protect her.

The police report says the incident happened 14 days ago.

There are minors involved so we've blurred their faces, but in cell phone video you can see an 11-year-old named Sage being grabbed by the hair, kicked and punched in the head. A second girl is seen striking her with a white belt at least twice while a third records it.

Sage says this happened to her after she got off the bus and started walking home on Sept. 5.

Her mother, Susan Wilson told WTSP, "How dare you ... I work in your schools and I protect your children every day and you can't protect mine."

She was outraged after her sitter reportedly found the video on Snapchat, but this emotional reaction came after Wilson learned instead of removing the alleged attackers from her daughter's bus, Polk County Public Schools gave her the option of dropping Sage off at one of two other school locations.

Wilson tells WTSP she works for the Polk County School District as a paraeducator.

On the remedy offered, Wilson told WTSP, it was "basically me transporting her myself because that's literally what I'm doing."

Wilson argued she might as well have been told to bring her daughter to school everyday instead.

We contacted the school district, which confirmed it offered Wilson an alternative transportation option.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, "We are aware of this situation and are conducting an investigation."
However, they are limited to what they can say because those involved are minors.

Sage showed us the bruises she still has on her head. The sixth-grader goes to a Magnet School, different from the other group, but they ride together.

Wilson says she saw the girls involved in the fight board the bus on Tuesday morning.

"I preach that every day: no bullying," said Wilson adding, "To me, they won. and the school district that I worked for failed me."

Sage says this started when she invited a student getting picked on to sit with her. One of the attackers told an officer Sage 'disrespected her.'

A police report reads,"The defendant then admitted she fought the victim and struck her several times. The defendant stated that the girl verbally disrespected her which started the altercation."

A second girl told an officer she 'gently laid the belt across the victim's midsection.'

Wilson tells WTSP she is terrified she could lose her job for speaking out.

"But I'm a parent," said Wilson, "and my daughter deserves more than what she got."

Wilson gave WTSP permission to show her daughter's face, hoping this will encourage anyone else being bullied to speak up for themselves.

The two girls seen striking Sage were issued summonses by the Lakeland Police Department.

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