PINELLAS PARK, Florida— The search continues for Tampa Bay Mystery Monkey number two. Wildlife officials have been tracking the monkey across Pasco and Pinellas counties.

The latest sighting was Monday afternoon in Pinellas Park north of Park Blvd near 55th Street.

The 2012 search for Tampa Bay’s first mystery monkey, eventually named Cornelius, went on for nearly four years. It’s believed this latest monkey likely came from the same place up in the Ocala area near Silver Springs.

Local trapper Vernon Yates is working with FWC to locate and capture the monkey which was tranquilized this afternoon in Pinellas Park but managed to escape.

He ran off and we couldn’t find him,” said Yates. “He’ll sleep the drugs off overnight and tomorrow he’ll be back on the run again.”

Yates says you should not try to feed or befriend this monkey and if you spot the animal, you’re urged to call FWC or Wildlife Rescue and Rehab at 727-399-1525.