JACKSONVILLE, Fla – On Friday, another surfer on the First Coast was bitten by a shark - the second one in just three days.

Witnesses tell First Coast news teenager Keenan Perry was swimming in to shore around 1:30 on Friday afternoon; he was on top of his surfboard when the shark seemed to attack his right ankle and foot.

Kevin Rowland and his wife were fishing nearby and were able to answer his call for help. “From about ankle to knee deep and basically started screaming for help,” said Rowland.

Rowland said Perry was on top of his surfboard coming in when it happened in what looked like less than two feet of water.

“So my wife and I immediately just took a towel, got him out of the water, got him propped up, tried to calm him down.”

Another surfer helped him apply a tourniquet before paramedics arrived 15 minutes later.

“They said the pressure, getting him out of the water and keeping him calm was the right thing to do,” said Rowland. “I tried to joke with him a little bit, tried to get him to breathe through his nose, made sure he was trying to be calm but he was in some pain. It was very serrated on the back part, there was about a four and a half inch gash then like I said one tooth got him in the bottom of the foot.”

Rowland said Perry had just moved here from Virginia Beach with a friend. They weren’t able to get a hold of any family yet but he says he was placed in to good hands once more help arrived.

“He’s going to be okay, they will have to construct something back there because he is missing a bunch of skin but the kid is going to be okay.”

This is the second shark bite in two days on the First Coast. On Wednesday, another surfer was treated for a shark bite at St. Augustine Beach. We’re told she needed thirty stitches but she’s expected to be okay as well.