A scary scene at a popular Tampa nightclub over the weekend, when someone sprayed pepper spray near a crowded dance floor.

"Something's not right, something's going on in there. There's a lot of people choking, coughing nobody can breathe." Shea Olsen was there and described how she felt.

Surveillance video from Saturday night at the Dallas Bull shows a guy pulling what appears to be mace or pepper spray out of his pocket. He shows it to several people, then minutes later sprays it and walks out. The people near him immediately began coughing and gagging.

Olsen said it was awful. "There was no odor to it. It was just sort of like we couldn't breathe, it took our breath away. It felt like little needles in the back of our throat."

Olsen was there with her sister and some friends when she says they were suddenly overcome by the spray. Immediately they headed for the nearest exit, not sure what was going on. "We were panicked, at that point we were thinking it was something more than just pepper spray."

Romero heads up the security staff at the Dallas Bull. When he was told what happened, he immediately headed to that area of the bar. "It instantly, it hit me like a brick wall. You could feel it, you instantly started coughing, your eyes became runny. It was terrible."

He says they released the surveillance video on Facebook because they want to find out who did this and why. "When he pulled it out, he slowly pulled it out and kept it hidden. That indicates to me that this was no accident. He did it on purpose. I don't know what for, why he would do something like this, but I do not believe it was an accident."

Olsen says it was just too much for her. She won't be going back. "In today's world anything can happen and we know that going to any club, you know that's just the reality of our world."

Romero says they are doing whatever it takes to make people feel safe when they come to the Dallas Bull. They have surveillance cameras all over and a security team of 25 people who are always on alert.

If you recognize the person in the surveillance video, contact the Dallas Bull.