PASCO COUNTY -- Deputies said a dog that was taken from a man with disabilities has been returned, but the story may not be over yet.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office says on June 26, John Wynne said he was walking his dogs, Diablo and Petey, near the intersection of Jenner Ave. and Seven Springs in New Port Richey. A car pulled up and a woman in a white car said that Petey was hers, took the dog and drove away.

Late Tuesday, the sheriff's office said the person who had Petey returned him after deputies tracked her down.

Video released by the sheriff's office shows Felicia Hawkins talking with deputies. In the video, she tearfully insists it's her dog and its name is Cash.

She said the dog ran away in August. She said the dog was microchipped, but she was not contacted when the animal shelter found it.

Wynne adopted the dog from the shelter. Wynne has proof of ownership of Petey, deputies said.

She said when she saw the dog on June 26, the animal broke out off his leash and ran to her. She said she thanked Wynne for taking care of the animal and said she spoke with him for a half-hour, trying to get him to turn the dog over to her.

In the meantime, the dog is back with Wynne. Video from the sheriff's office shows the reunion between him and the dog.