As fast as Ayden Glover is on four wheels he can never seem to catch his biggest competition.

“So close,” the 13-year old inline racer said while seated on the pavement of a local trail near his Spring Hill home. “It makes me mad because I almost have her.”

Close by, his dad chuckles.

“She beats most boys so he’s got something to be proud of,” joked Lorenzo.

If Ayden is a blur, his older sister is a rocket. Serena Glover, the owner of 32 national championships in the last eight years, isn’t ready to hand over the title of fastest Glover on wheels.

“I don’t want my little brother beating me so it pushes me to gap him in my drills,” she said with a smile.

The two run through a series of drills under Lorenzo’s critical eye. As a teen himself, Lorenzo won a national championship as a disco skater. Now, he trains his kids for greatness on the rink.

“You’ve got to be proud as a father because the kids have really done a lot in a short amount of time with skating,” he said. “Proud as a coach they’ve been very successful.”

Lorenzo barked out instructions on his bullhorn as Ayden and Serena raced up the trail. Dressed in their racing outfits, their wheels made a loud whizzing sound as they raced down the pavement.

They have a lot to train for.

“I’d love to make my parents proud,” said Serena, 14.

This weekend the two will race in regional competition in Orlando. The following weekend, a trip to Colorado Springs awaits for Outdoor Nationals, followed by Indoor Nationals in Lincoln, Neb. in July and the World Championships in Nanjing, China come August.

For Serena, a World Championship could mean a spot on the Junior Olympic team.

“This is the top skaters in the country,” said Lorenzo. One of the top skaters in the world.”

Ayden has won 21 national championship races already. The siblings began racing eight years ago and haven’t slowed down.

If only little brother could beat his sister.

“Yeah, they’ve got that rivalry going for sure,” smiled dad.

The family has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the trip to China.

Ayden and Serena are students at Florida Cyber Charter Academy, which is a school in Brookesville that specializes in utilizing research-based technology applications, meaningful teacher/student/parent involvement, and engaging, individualized learning.