TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) - Christina Alesandrini and Drake Pickford’s 9-month-old daughter Lia needs a special medication that she takes daily. At an early age, Lia was diagnosed with silent reflux and was not able to get the nutrition she needed to grow.

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After initially covering the cost of Lia’s medicine, insurance carrier Florida Blue sent a letter saying that coverage would be discontinued, leaving Lia’s parents holding the tab for what amounted to $700 per month.

Their family is one of thousand's of Americans struggling to make it because of crippling drug prices.

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“It’s overwhelming, and to know that there are other families going through that and kids who are diabetic or have cancer or these issues that,” said Alesandrini. “Obviously her issues are serious but there are kids that are dying and I couldn’t imagine being a parent who’s having to choose between their rent and their child’s medication.”

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“We had a car repossessed because of this situation. We’re having to move in the next few months. We’re having to turn to family who don’t have it to help,” she added.

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“I break down all the time, I mean all the time, and I feel hopeless. You just, you can’t wrap your head around why it’s like this. It does, it makes you angry, but as a parent, you’re not going to stop, it doesn’t matter. If anything the anger motivates you further because there’s got to be a solution, there’s got to be something that can be done.”