Serious and frustrating.

That's how a small business owner we spoke with today feels about the closure of the Sam's Club in Tampa/

The store is the only one that carries items he uses on a regular basis so it's not like he can't just travel to another one in the area.

Aside from that, Roberto Torres, the owner of Blind Tiger Cafe, opened his new coffee shop a few minutes away from the store and was excited to be so close to this location.

He has two locations -- one in Ybor City and one in Seminole Heights.

Now, he's adding on a third-- in SoHo, This location is just 12 minutes from Sam's.

“I got to that Sam's three times a week. It's an integral part of our business. “

Just like many others, Torres found out about the closing when going to buy some supplies for the new shop.

“We showed up and somebody had told me they had closed. I'm opening a new shop in South Tampa, I thought it was going to be perfect that the Sam's was now closer than any other stores that we have.”

“We buy 30 percent of our cleaning supplies (there). I was going to buy a safe and some security cameras. I mean this is a very important store.”

Now, he is looking at other options, since he says other Sam's locations are just too far.

“Now it's going to be 47 minutes to go to the one in Carrollwood or Brandon," he said.

“I'm going to try and explore Amazon and maybe look if there is anything online where I can buy paper towels and toilet paper.”

And that delicious cream cheese many love from Blind Tiger? Roberto could ONLY find it at the Tampa Sam's Club.

"Now I'm eager to see which one is the one that will now carry it."