A new low for distracted driving.

People taking photos and videos, while behind the wheel then sharing them on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram.

They even have their own hashtag: #Whiledriving.

“It's playing Russian roulette actually, is what it is,” says concerned resident, Israel Diaz.

A study done by Erie Insurance ranked Florida as the number two state in the U.S. with the most posts using #WhileDriving

Hillsbourgh Sheriff Public Information Officer, Larry McKinnon explains many crave the social media attention and will do anything for that like or retweet.

"You're literally putting your life in danger for the title of having the most outrageous picture and it's just not worth it,” says McKinnon.

People are posting everything from selfies to scenery.

"You got some likes and some shares but then all of a sudden you're that person on the news that caused that accident that killed someone, It's not worth it,” says General Manger of Elder Ford, Terald Hopkins.

McKinnon tells 10News having to call a family about a death due to distracted driving is never easy, he finds it disturbing that there's actually a hashtag encouraging people to do it.

"It heightens the tragedy about the death because it could have been prevented,” says McKinnon.

There are some apps to help stop distracted driving.

One is called CellControl, it disables the ability to text, email, surf the web and use any form of social media when someone is behind the wheel.

If you put the app on your child or loved one’s phone and they try to disable it, you will get an alert.

It’s not cheap, the app costs $129.

The study also showed that 55 percent of the #Whiledriving posts are coming from men.