TAMPA -- You're going to start seeing a new name when you're shopping for groceries.

Some Winn Dixie's are getting re-named Harveys Supermarkets.

A handful of stores here in Florida are making the switch this week. You'll find one on East Hillsborough in Tampa and Recker Highway in Winter Haven.

The parent company Southeastern Grocers is increasing the Harveys footprint. According to our partners at the Tampa Bay Times, some things will stay the same.

You'll still see the Southeastern Grocers private label on products.

But in the meat department, you'll be able to pick five and get five pre-packed or frozen types of meat for 19-95.

Harveys also has a dollar zone with more than 1,200 items all priced at a dollar a piece.

All seven of the new stores will officially open Wednesday morning.