A local man is OK after witnessing one of the terror attacks in London on Saturday.

Brad Myers, of South Tampa, is a CPA on a trip across Europe. He sent photos and a Facebook post assuring friends and relatives he was all right, and he included an eyewitness account of the incident.

Brad Myers took this photo from the attack scene.  

I ended the walk past the Monument at the London Bridge, where at 9:59 I took yet another selfie looking out toward the iconic Tower Bridge. Being somewhat disappointed in the pictures (Tower Bridge is next to but not all that close to London Bridge), I proceeded down the staircase on the north side of the Thames to walk further down the river.

About 2 minutes later, I heard a loud noise behind me, which was a vehicle hitting the guard rail. I turned around and saw a white van beginning to plow through the people walking on the pedestrian walkway on the left hand side of the road, where I was standing moments before. I would estimate that at least 20 people were on the walkway on that side. It continued at about 30-40 mph along the guardrail, running over pedestrians, swerving and bouncing off the guardrail. I heard people screaming, though did not hear gunshots. While on the river walk, I saw at least one person jump in the water about midway on the bridge, but did not see them come up from the water. I walked back up the staircase as people started to gather, and saw at least two people laying on the concrete in the road. They were being attended by other bystanders, with a man appearing to hold another's hand (who was not moving). About 3 minutes later, police rushed to the scene, I called my parents and went a few blocks down, catching a cab back to my hotel.

Myers also included a photo from the attack scene. "I think we need to observe the terrible things that happened," he wrote.

He concluded his post with his gratitude for not being hurt.

Thanks to all who reached out about my well being - I am very thankful to be alive, and hold out hope that this can come to some positive end, either within me or others. Glory to God!

Myers told 10News' Grady Trimble that it was "hard to imagine a scenario where it was not intentional" because of the speed of the van, which was like a box truck.

"It's not obvious what's happening. A lot of confusion going on as well, because it's something so far out of our daily lives," he said.

"I'm very fortunate to have come out of it without any harm at all. So many people I witnessed who aren't to to be able to go home to their families. Definitely a very frightening thing."

He said that despite all this, he has no plans to change his trip. "It's something I was aware of because it's summer and I was on the alert."

We will have comments from Myers in our 11 p.m. newscast.