ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Let's say you've got a gaggle of guests headed to St. Pete for a big getaway, maybe even a wedding. Where do they stay?

A St. Petersburg resident, Terri Shapiro, has come up with a cool solution to add more room for your guests, without having to actually build a new guest room.

According to a story from our news partners at the Tampa Bay Times, Shapiro and her company GuestWings will rent you a classic Airstream trailer with all modern conveniences. Hosts can't hitch up and head to the great outdoors in the trailer, however the trailer can come in handy in a pinch if they have unexpected company or want to host more visitors.

Terri Shapiro president and founder of GuestWings poses with her partner Michael McNutt, vice president of operations.

GuestWings will drop off a 24-foot long, 8-foot wide trailer with a kitchenette and bathroom and leave it in the host's driveway or backyard. Voila, instant guesthouse.

Shapiro's business model is like national company Airbnb, but instead of guests taking over a guest room, they have the comfort and access of the trailer.

Shapiro told the Times that the cost of renting the trailer runs in line with an average hotel stay.

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