Someone with a gun comes barging into the mall. What do you do?

That's exactly why this training is so important.

The goal for the St. Pete Police department is to have every single officer know how to handle an active shooter situation. This is all to benefit you.

Friday morning, an active shooter drill occurred at Tyrone Mall in St.Pete.

With mass shootings becoming commonplace across the county, These brave men and woman are preparing for the worst.

“We see those things in St. Petersburg and we want to be forward thinking. We want to train ahead of time and be proactive. That way the officers respond respectively and swiftly should this occur,” says Major Antonio Gilliam with the department.

Our cameras were not allowed inside but this video was provided to us by the department of training earlier this week.

Spokesperson for the department, Yolanda Fernandez says St. Pete has a young police force.
In the last couple of years, many baby boomers have retired.

“We have role players saying ‘help me! help me’ Pretending to be bleeding but they have to learn to assess the wounds, call it in and keep going. So, they can get rescue in and the rest of the folks in to help,” says Fernandez.

But just how much are these active shooter drills costing taxpayers?

“Training is built into the day,” she says. “So, there is no additional cost to the police department.”

While these real life drills are conducted once, maybe twice a year.

Officers also have a video training simulator, to practice at any time.

Another active shooter drill is scheduled for tonight at Tyrone mall. It's happening around 9 pm after the doors are closed.

Every Friday this month, there will be training done at the mall.