CLEARWATER, FL- We’ve told you about the heartbreaking story of an 8-year-old Cincinnati boy who committed suicide after being bullied.

It’s stories just like this one, that inspired actor Quinton Aaron, star of "The Blind Side", to start a nonprofit organization against bullying.

Aaron was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., by his loving mother, the late Laura Aaron.

Throughout his childhood, he was the victim of severe bullying. He was beaten up and chased home daily. He was pushed down stairs and spit on. He was also the victim of verbal bullying.

Friday morning, Aaron met with two students at Oak Grove Middle School to help inspire them.

Jay Green, who’s in eighth grade, and his brother Chris Larson, who’s in sixth grade, are victims of bullying.

“Just hearing your story, I feel like it inspires them to get through it,” says Aaron.

It started off with a simple hello, then it got to the important stuff: Football and if helmets were even necessary.

Jay and Chris learned they have more in common with Aaron than they thought. You know, since he’s a famous actor and all.

“They used to pick on me because my backpack, they used to pick on me because of my clothes,” says Chris.

Aaron replied by sharing a story with the boys about a time when students made fun of his old clothes.

“Kids would come up to me and say, 'When did you get shot?'” he says. “When kids saw they couldn't make me mad at what they were trying to do, they just left me alone.”

That's advice Aaron wishes he received as a kid. That's why he been using his fame to advocate for anti-bullying along with child obesity.

He's traveling across the country to share his message. Aaron started his foundation in 2012.

There are resources available if you or someone you know is contemplating suicide. Click here to find some of them.

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