ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WTSP) – As women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day, activists across the country are expected to take part in a strike to help bring awareness to women’s issues through economic withdrawal.

“A Day Without a Woman” is a national effort organized by the same people who coordinated the historic women’s march on Washington in January, and like those massive demonstrations, local organizers are planning events in their own cities to get women involved and talking about the issues that are important to them.

Organizers are asking women to wear red, stay out of work and to not spend money unless it’s at a small, woman or minority-owned business. They also say they understand and respect women who want to participate, but can’t because they need the money or work in industries that are vital to safety and health such as medicine and law enforcement,

Lisa Perry and Theresa Darlington are both part of local Day Without a Woman efforts, including a rally planned for Wednesday morning at Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg.

"Women are a huge umbrella for a lot of diverse issues, and so us coming forward together in solidarity and rising up to stand up for women’s rights and human rights as a whole is a lot of the momentum behind the protest and energy in the community today,” said Perry, chair of the Women’s March Florida Pinellas County Chapter.

Darlington added that Wednesday’s rally will be an opportunity for women to hear from other women in power, share experiences and get inspired. "I think that there's progress that's been made, but I think that there are everyday biases that women face...and now is an opportunity for us to step up and talk about what those biases are, and for women to share those stories and say, 'this is what I've endured.’”

Another rally is planned for Tampa at 6 p.m. on Wednesday at the downtown library.

For more information on Wednesday’s demonstrations, click here.