PALM HARBOR, Fla. — While people in Puerto Rico are suffering, so are their pets.

Dogs and cats have been reduced to skin and bones after Hurricane Maria.

Some are trapped in cages as people bring them the little food they can.

“It pulls at your heart strings,” said Suncoast Animal League staff member Maura Wahl. “It pulls at every string that you have to see that.”

League staffers are headed to the island nation to bring donated supplies.

“We have dog food, dry and wet food. IV kits, first aid kits. Flea and tick preventative medicines. Anything that could help the dogs once we're there,” Wahl said.

The team is bringing 125 vaccines for dogs, about two dozen for cats. It’s more than $2,000 worth of donated medical supplies in rescue they say is the hardest they've ever planned.

“They need help just as much as the people need help down there," staffer Larissa Condarcure said. "And we're going to go down there and do it."

The trip is a recon mission for what the group hopes is a bigger effort.

Suncoast Animal League is accepting donations for those who want to help.