BRADENTON, Fla. -- -Las Vegas police say they found at least 16 rifles in the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room.

Still investigators have not released any details about those guns or the ones used in the shooting.

Based on video from the scene many speculate the shooter used a fully automatic weapon but not all gun experts agree.

“Sounds like a type of high rapid rifle,” says Felex Yukthman, owner of Gun Point in Manatee County. Yukthman says it’s difficult to say by sound alone whether the Las Vegas shooter used an automatic or semi-automatic rifle when he opened fire on the 32nd floor of his hotel room.

Yukthman says, “We have distance affects sounds and there are the crowd screams from the crowd.”

The difference between the two guns is important.

“The true automatic rifle when you pull the tripper the rifle continues to fire until you release the trigger,” explains Yukthman.

The semi-automatic rifle fires off fewer bullets. “It’s one shot with one pull of the trigger,” says Yukthman. He adds, “Converting a semi-automatic to full automatic rifle is not legal... it is 100% illegal.”

But Yukthman says for a few hundred dollars in accessories—such as a slide fire stock or a binary trigger---can make a semi-automatic work similar to an automatic. “Very, very close,” says Yukthman.

The fully automatic can fire 600-800 rounds per minute says Yukthman. Add a binary trigger to a semi-automatic and Yukthman says, “it will mimic just the same.”

The only automatic rifles sold to civilians are made before 1986.

Yukthman says, “Most common is this M16 like this one used in the Vietnam era.”

But government approval is tough and can take a year. Despite all the regulations the Manatee County gun store owner says the Vegas shooting shows more gun control isn’t the answer.

Yukthman says, “It’s up to us as a society to see the red flags, report people we suspect are unstable, and do something as a collective to prevent these.”

Nevada is a gun-friendly state. Nevada does not require a license or permit... and there's no limit to how many weapons one can own. The state does give concealed carry permits but a gun owner can carry an unloaded gun in public without a permit.

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