CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Century Oaks estate in Clearwater is back on the market. With a price tag of just about $20 million, it's one of the most expensive homes for sale in Tampa Bay.

It's like nothing else - so we're taking you on a tour. Terri Novitsky with Lauren Michaels Real Estate Partners and Mirit Hendrickson walked us through the home.

“You've got this grand foyer, it's a very long foyer, which goes over to this seating area.”

Century Oaks is a historic home, with the original Fort Harrison on the property. The 23,000 total square foot mansion has been completely redone by the current owners.

“And preserved! In a manner that keeps the integrity of the home. It's just been stunningly updated and yet preserved. Some of it is modern, some of it is antique pieces.”

There are more than 20 chandeliers, some are Swarovsky crystal. The grand living room has 50-foot ceilings with intricate designs on the crossbeams. There is Versace carpet and wallpaper throughout the home. Off the living room is a custom bar with a staircase that leads to a salon.

There's a movie theater room with popcorn and candy machines and 15 theater chairs on the way.

“The feedback we're getting from brokers and people we've toured is that it's one of the nicest home theaters that they've seen.”

“Here is a very special room. This dining room set was imported from a castle in France. This is literally from a castle in France. Every chair is from a castle in France. She had it reupholstered with fabric from Versace, but these chairs are so high-end and rare that if you broke one of them, you can't replace it.”

Off the dining room is the kitchen which was also redone, but kept the original stove. The main house has 7 bedrooms, but there are 14 on the property. Each has its own theme, with high-end wallpaper and carpets. Each also has their own bathrooms; there are 12 and 1/2 overall.

“Over here we have the master suite. You have the incredible, high-end wallpaper, beautiful light fixtures.”

There's also a patio with incredible views and marble floors. It's connected to the master bathroom with gold sinks, connected to a massive closet. The closet wraps around with floor to ceiling shelving and Louis Vuitton carpeting.

“Now we're going out on the grounds of the property. Acres of gorgeous, lushly manicured grounds.”

Century Oaks got its name because of the gorgeous trees on the property.

“Leading us to the pool area and the open water. To the left we have a jacuzzi. And straight ahead we have the pool.”

There's also a tennis court and a gazebo.

Who is going to buy this house?

“Well, it's either going to be a celebrity, a sports figure, or a diplomat. Those type of buyers would be most interested because it is very secure. As you saw there's a big wall all the way around the property, It has security cameras, and very private all the way around."

There’s an open water view with a dock, lift and boat ramp.

“Now this is the view you have to see.”