Kevin Smith with Salvation Army is pleased to have a warehouse filled with water, food, and cleaning supplies.

Just a few weeks ago, the shelves were empty.

“We're just pulling back our resources from Hermine,” says Smith. “A lot of our stuff has just come back.”

Thirty volunteers from Tampa Bay have been working to get last minute preparations ready to help those facing Hurricane Matthew.

“We can't do this alone, we're pulling in every resource that we can,” says Smith.

Thirty-two mobile canteens will be sent to Florida's east coast Saturday morning to help anyone displaced from the Hurricane.

“Ready to go wherever they're needed, wherever we find the most damage, the most need after Hurricane Matthew passes,” says Lt. Ben Bridges with the Salvation Army.

During Tropical Storm Hermine, 5,000 meals were given away but they anticipate to give away over 100,000 meals during Hurricane Matthew.

Aside from Salvation Army's assistance,

Three shelters in Pinellas county have opened, to assist traveling from the east coast who can't find hotels.

* Dunedin Community Center, 1920 Pinehurst Road, Dunedin

* Ross Norton Recreation Center, 1426 South Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Clearwater, FL

* Northside Baptist Church, 6000 38th Avenue North, St. Petersburg

The shelters opened at 2 p.m. Thursday, should residents want to shelter there.

During a declared state of emergency, restrictions on refilling medications early are suspended by state law. This law requires all insurers and managed-care organizations to suspend refill-too-soon restrictions when a patient seeks a refill.

"We’re anticipating a disaster on a scale that we haven't seen in some time,” says Bridges.

While much is being done to assist, Salvation army says monetary donations from the community are still needed, in case supplies run out.

If you need to contact the Salvation Army warehouse, you can reach them at (813) 931-9023.

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