ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - With five pounds of Black Friday savings, The Tampa Bay Times early bird edition is in stores now.

This is the Times' biggest paper of the year.

To handle the amount of advertisements, Postpress Manager Lee Jividen said they had to start put the ads together seven days ago, “The volume is so high for the Thanksgiving day paper, 78 scheduled inserts, we can't, we don't have equipment for the capacity to handle that, so we have to break it down into pieces.”

Overnight on Tuesday, two different editions of the newspaper were printed. The first being the normal Wednesday paper, which was sent to the home delivery subscribers. They’ll get the Black Friday advertisements delivered to them on Thanksgiving.

The second paper was 92,000 early bird editions. These were sent to retail locations and are packed with the Black Friday advertisements to give customers the opportunity to map of their Black Friday plan of attack.

Between the Thanksgiving paper and the early edition, the Times will send out over 330,000 papers.

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