Tampa, Florida -- In a nondescript office space tucked away in an equally nondescript corporate park in Tampa. Is a company doing something eye-popping.

"We're the only company in the world that does this," said Christopher Sakezles, president and chief technology officer of the company.

Welcome, to SynDaver Labs, as in synthetic cadavers. Where everything on, and inside the anatomic models it makes is pretty much the same as you and me.

"It breathes and bleeds and performs a host of things. They can actually flair around and reach for you, blink and breathe on their own. Those are scary," Sakezles said.

Over a decade of testing and tweaking and perfecting their technique, SynDaver sells its bodies for medical purposes around the globe.

"This one is going to Mexico, I think. If you're an entry-level med student, just getting your feet wet, you may start with one of these instead of diving right into a cadaver," he said.

But more recently, the company has gained attention from Hollywood. SynDavers has been featured on CBS's "Sunday Morning," along with various medical dramas and investigation shows.

What started by accident for Sakezles, has turned into a successful business providing these bodies to hundreds of schools, organizations and people around the globe.

"We didn't have enough money [back in the day] for an animal to study, so I had to make a model for testing. My failure ... turned into this."

The business looks like a mad scientist's laboratory: kidneys, gall bladders, even thigh fat piled as high as the eye can see. So much research has gone into the making of these bodies, even the employees are sworn to secrecy.

"I'm sewing the foot skin to the calf skin," says one worker, who tells her family she works making "medical trainers."

As SynDaver projects production to ramp up to several thousand in the coming year, the company's owner says he has his sights set on a different kind of TV show.

"My greatest hope is [our SynDaver] will end up on the 'Big Bang Theory.' I'd love to make a Sheldon Cooper version! He's always talking about transferring his intelligence into a synthetic human, and this is it right here!" Sakezles said.

Products range in price, but several body models we looked at cost about $40,000. To learn more about the company, you can visit their website, at www.syndaver.com