It's been a long week for people in Tampa who have relatives in Haiti. We talked with a couple of men on Monday who were worried about the impact Hurricane Matthew would have on their families. We went back to that barber shop to find out how they faired.

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It's just another day for Gens Cadet at the New Look Barber Shop. He's busy at work while his friends and family in Haiti try to pick up the pieces Matthew left behind. "Some of their houses are just gone. I have a best friend and her house has been there since the 80's. It's gone -- destroyed." Thankfully, though, they survived.

Gens tried facetiming his cousin in Port-Au-Prince, but the connection was so bad they couldn't hold a conversation.

It helps to know the lay of the land in Haiti. The cousin he was just trying to talk to is in Port-au-Prince. That area and all of South Haiti sustained major damage and flooding. He was able to get a hold of a cousin in Port-de-Paix, in North Haiti. "For them, they only got a little bit of rain, it was raining all day, but it wasn't heavy rain. North Haiti didn't get hit all that bad."

Gens cousin showed us the streets of Port-de-Paix today. Speaking in Creole, he says everyone is going about their business as usual. But it's not business as usual in South Haiti, where hundreds are dead and thousands are homeless. Foreign aid is on the way, but it takes time. That's little consolation to these people who didn't have much to begin with. Gens hope the people here in America take notice. "We should appreciate the things that we have because you have people with so little when it comes to materialistic things."

His cousin did request one thing: don't forget about them and pray for Haiti.

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