TAMPA - Jewels was sick to her stomach after seeing the road video of her pregnant daughter being verbally abused. The male in the clip was upset that the daughter was driving too slow.

“It has to stop. People don’t know this is going on in our neighborhoods,” says Jewels, who chose not to provide her last name. “The first thing that came to mind was my daughter and my unborn grandson. I was afraid for her well-being.“

Jewels says her daughter was ready to apologize after she noticed the driver get out of his car. She was at a red light with cars in front of her.

The male driver says in the video he was affiliated with “Latin Kings,” which is a gang. He also went on to say “You need to learn how to drive" and "You’re in the wrong town.”

“Just degrading things and she figured the only thing she could do was record it, so that’s what she did,” says Jewels.

Claudia Tobar, an instructor at Central City Jiu Jitsu, agrees.She says your cell phone can be a powerful weapon.

“Now she has evidence and you do notice he was aware of it,” says Tobar. “He noticed and he backed off.”

Let’s not forget that knowing how to physically defend yourself can help save your life.

“One day, one week is just not enough. We need to make it a priority in our lives,” says Tobar.

While you may feel safe having your pepper spray or taser handy instructors say many times that backfires. The pepper spray could get in your own face, and an attacker can grab your taser and use it against you.

The best thing to do is stay calm and use your body as your weapon.

As for this mom and soon to be grandmother, a message for drivers:

“We just got to be more friendly on the roads. Just stop and think about how would you want to be treated in a situation,” says Jewels.