WASHINGTON, D.C.— A Tampa man has some new lucky numbers after running in this month’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series in Washington, D.C., Mar. 11.

Billy Covert, originally from the 33607 zip code of Tampa, posted a photo with his bib number “33607” and his finish time of “3:36:07” on Reddit. The post already has close to a million views with followers impressed by the matching numbers.

In an interview via Skype, Covert told 10News his final time was not completely coincidental. After realizing his bib number matched his hometown zip code he decided to try for a 3 hour, 36 minutes, 7 seconds finish time, which Covert knew would be an extreme challenge.

“I was originally shooting for around four hours,” he said.

Adding to the challenge, Covert says he couldn’t see the race clock until the very last minute when he knew he had a chance of crossing the finish line at the exact time he’d hoped for.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Race was just Covert’s second marathon ever. He says while 3:36:07 was a personal best for him, he describes the performance as mediocre.

After the race, people have suggested he play his new lucky numbers in the lottery.

“That’s all people have been telling me to do,” said Covert.

So far, however, no luck with any additional matches.