Tampa, Florida -- A singing robot that solves the Rubik's cube, an infrared toy tank that can target an object, and a printer that can build things.

Welcome to the Gasparilla Interactive Festival -- an expo for cutting edge technology and digital innovation in downtown Tampa.

The festival is the latest addition to the Gasparilla brand and aims to promote Tampa's diverse and aggressive technology culture.

Executive Director Vinny Tafuro says the future of technology is critical in three ways.

"How do we apply it, how do we evaluate what it's doing, and how do we grow what we do with it in the future," said Tafuro.

A good example is this robotic toy that can identify and pursue infrared signals. It has military applications.

"The infrared technology and the programming behind this robot is what makes robots robots because of their autonomy," said Museum of Science & Industry Director of Innovation Anthony Pelaez.

Other examples include a 3-D printer. It can literally "print" any object.

It cuts out the manufacturing middleman because anyone could build things they need at home simply by programming it.

Like Clothing. On display actual chainmail made from plastic.

And if you're a music lover, hold onto your socks.

You can even "print" a real musical instrument.

This is the first year for the Gasparilla Interactive Festival, and it's impressive based on the list of big name partners, and next year they hope to go international.