Tarpon Springs, FL - It's an out-of-this-world creation. A Tarpon Springs artist has caused quite the commotion in his quiet neighborhood off Ashland Avenue. He covered his house--and even some trees--with aluminum foil.

"I'm real. I'm not a UFO guy and I just wanted to do something aesthetic," says Piotr Janowski about his latest creation.

He covered three exterior walls of his house, several palm trees and created hanging sculptures that he calls 'ears' with aluminum foil, something most people use for leftovers. "I want to show that we need to respect nature, so this is the relationship between civilization and the nature especially here in Florida, but all over this planet."

It did confuse some of his neighbors who initially didn't see it as a work of art. One woman complained to county code enforcement. Sgt. Ed Miller tells 10 News the county attorney is looking into whether the display violates any codes.

Janowski says for the most part the response has been supportive. He plans to take down the foil in the next few weeks.

The next phase of the project will happen in Chicago where he'll foil the fa├žade of a theater. "It's just opening new opportunities to express myself."