MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- If your home has a security alarm, you hope that means help will get to you faster but it can sometimes slow things down.

Manatee County is the second 9-1-1 center in the state and 25th in the country to use new technology that can safe emergency response teams several minutes and possibly save your life.

When a 911 dispatcher gets a call seconds matter.

“2-3 minutes is the difference between life and death,” says Jacob Saur, Emergency Communication Chief for Manatee County Public Safety.

New technology will help Manatee County dispatchers send emergency crews 2-3 minutes sooner on a call coming from an alarm company and dispatch crews within seconds. The new system called ASAP does the work says Manatee County’s Emergency Communication Chief Jacob Saur

“Their computer is tied directly into computer aided dispatchers eliminates the need for a physical phone call to 911 center,” says Saur.

Dispatcher Gerry Tienoreo no longer has to speak with the alarm company…the information appears on the screen.

Tienoreo says, “Getting a call from an alarm company drops into the system disperse from there takes seconds.”

All it takes is a few click and an emergency crew is on the way by then alarm companies have filtered through false alarms.

Tienoreo says, “They should be able to tell in seconds if it’s a true alarm or false call open crews to other emergencies.”

Saur says there are 9 alarm counties that have signed up to be part of the ASAP system, two are ready to go on line.

The other 911 center in Florida to use ASAP is Boca Raton on Florida’s east coast.

Manatee County does have an ordinance to monitor for false alarm calls and fines are as follows:

  • $25 for the first and second offense
  • The fine goes up to $400 for the ninth false alarm that the county responds to.