ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Dr. Jen Arnold seemed quite excited to speak on her new role Friday.

Arnold announced her plans as she spoke of taking on Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital's Simulation Center as the new medical director.

"We are a small but mighty team," she said. "This is going to be a very innovative center."

43-year-old Arnold, star of the TLC series 'The Little Couple', will join the hospital at the end of this month.

Her main goals as the new medical director will be helping new parents with premature babies before they leave the hospital, as well as thorough training to military members and first responders.

Arnold will also be a part-time assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University.

"It's all about saving lives," she said.

TLC is also discussing the possibility of a ninth season of the show being filmed in the hospital.

Her husband, Bill Klein, has been supportive of the move.

"This is definitely a great place to grow up and raise your kids, and the job opportunity here is really a dream," Arnold said.

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