TAMPA -- If you need an occasional reminder to change your computer password, the popular cybersecurity company Kaspersky just wants you to take - a deep breath.

We all know getting your computer hacked can really stink, so what would the aromatic antidote to that smell like?

We asked people at a Tampa perfume store.

“Like wood, but not too much,” said Kimberly Irizarry. “Something soft.”

“How do you even get that scent? Cyber security, what is that like computers? Yeah. I don't even know how you manage that,” said Tray Black.

Well, Kaspersky hopes it has the answer in its new Threat de Toilette for men and women. The cologne and perfume, containing “base notes of cybercrime,” reads the press release. “Hints of spam and drops of ransomware.”

“It is funny, however, I can see where you could put together smells that instill different feelings like that,” said Jennifer Kannapel, whose Keturah Botanicals helps people create their own aromas.

Kannapel prefers people use botanical fragrances, as recommended by the Environmental Working Group, EWG.org. Even she has a hard time pinpointing Kaspersky’s ‘fragrance of fear’.

But Kannapel says more and more companies are using so-called scent marketing to associate a smell with a specific product.

“I think our scent memory is so intense, that we can definitely be programmed,” said Kannapel.

“This may be the future,” said Brett Kappes, whose Performance Computer Group in Tampa fixes malware mayhem.

Kappes says if it all sound a bit suspect, you're right. Kaspersky has no real plans to mass market Threat de Toilette. But anything that gets people talking about cybersecurity, says Kappes, makes good “scents”.

“In fact, the more absurd it is, it makes you remember it. And in that respect,” said Kappes, “I think Kaspersky is doing a great thing.”