Protesters taking to the streets Saturday in cities all over the country demanded President Donald Trump release his tax returns. Nearly 150 cities across the nation took part in the Tax March. 

Anti-Trump demonstrators say they deserve to know about the president's business ties and potential conflicts of corporate interest. 

Dozens of people in the Tampa Bay area protested along Columbus Drive in South Tampa.

Many of those we talked to say they want the president to be transparent and are even asking Congress to step-in to make that happen.

“If you try to hide everything, then it makes it look like there is something to hide,” says protester Tessie Ferlita.

Protesters said they believe Trump is refusing to release his tax returns because it may show he has paid little or nothing to the government he now heads.

“It's just a matter of accountability and transparency. It’s also a campaign promise he made," says Darlene Goodfellow, who organized the Tax March in South Tampa.

However, Trump supporters like Joshua Izzi say who cares about the taxes. Izzi was telling people at the protest to move on.

“I don't think it's a big issue with all the issues we have going on internationally, and they're still worried about Trump's taxes. Give me a break,” says Izzi.

Many protesters were arguing If Trump was breaking the law by not releasing his returns.

We looked into that question for you.

There's no law that requires Trump or any U.S. president to disclose the returns, since the papers are considered private information.

Yet, voters have come to expect the president to be open and honest about their finances.

Every presidential nominee from both parties has done it for the past four decades, including Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump has refused to release his tax returns, citing an ongoing audit by the Internal Revenue Service.  But the IRS has said that Trump can release his tax returns even while under audit.