We definitely have a lot of theme park options around us here in Central Florida and they aren't just for tourists. Many of you go regularly.   But what's the worst part???  Waiting in line!
Universal unveiled a new ride this week and one of the coolest parts is the line.  What makes this line different?  The fact that there really isn't a line! 
No turnstiles and no more feeling like a herd of cattle.  You will feel like you are experiencing the ride the minute you walk in the door.  In order to race through New York with Jimmy Fallon, you'll need to get a reservation the moment you get to the park. That's easy with a phone app or kiosk.  It's sort of like the fastpass system used at other parks.  Then, when you show up at your allotted time, you get a color coded ticket to start your tour. 
Along the way there are displays to enjoy, interactive games, comfy seats and even a place to charge your phone while you wait. 
Neil Engel is the show's producer.  "The adventure is so much more than the ride. It's experiencing 30 rock. It's experiencing the history of the tonight show. And we have some terrific entertainment upstairs and it's different every time you come."
There's a barbershop quartet and you get to meet Hashtag the Panda.  It's made to feel like you are really waiting to get into the tonight show.  So much more interesting than waiting in the long line cues where you look at the back of someone's head.
And this is a trend for theme parks, at Disney's Dumbo ride they've incorporated play areas for the kids with beepers that alert parents when it's time to ride.  At Busch Gardens, there are more things to look at and read while you wait in line.
It wasn't that long ago when we were just happy to have fans and misters while you waited in the Florida heat, now the line is part of the entire experience.