When you come to Florida, you probably want to hit the water.

“We want them in that water, but we want it to be safe as well,” said Keith Overton, president of TradeWinds Island Grand Resort.

Hotels have to clean the pools, but could add too many chemicals and cause a serious health threat.

“You do have to make sure to balance the proper amount of chemicals with sanitation or safety, but also so you don’t harm people’s clothing for example or maybe their skin because they have an allergic reaction to it,” Overton added.

In 2008, the CDC found that one in eight pools (more than 13,000) had serious violations with pool.

“One example of hotel safety concerns for guests is the common practice of tossing high amounts of chlorine all at once into the swimming pool. This process is called pool shock,” said Alan Sackrin, a south Florida attorney.

“Florida is an inviting environment for bacteria to grow, and keeping it at bay is a constant fight here. Often, hotels will put extra chlorine into their swimming pools to kill off the rapidly growing bacteria. Hotels should not allow swimmers to enter the pool or pool area during pool shocking.”

Another issue checking in with hotels involves rooms that smell really good. I mean who doesn’t want that? But, some hotels have been putting air fresheners in the vents, which could cause you problems if you have allergies.

“It could leave me to have just kind of an allergy attack, a sinus infection. I need to see a doctor to get a prescription, an antibiotic to take it out,” said Kelly Sarria, a frequent traveler.

“So, it can ruin a trip, it gets expensive cause you’re not at home, you’re not seeing your regular doctors. It’s really quite an inconvenience.”

Next, with your more expensive items, you might want to use a room safe. But, you also have to be careful with those as well.

Our sister station in Atlanta, WXIA, reported that hotel safes are vulnerable to theft. They spoke with a private investigator who believes 60 to 70 percent of the cases involves hotel staff. People who could have easy access to opening up safes.

You also want to make sure to lock your sliding doors at hotels, so you don’t give random thieves easy access to your room, like these two in Clearwater.

All important things to keep in mind on your next vacation.