SEMINOLE, FL -- Snakes on a plane might be a little far-fetched. But, finding one in your car, that's definitely a scary reality.

It happened to Paul and Barbara Beck when returning to their home one day in Trinity.

“If that would've come on top of one of us on [the highway], we would've had to roll right out of the car.”

“We pulled up to our driveway and I was like screaming. My husband was like what's the matter with you? I said there's a snake. He's like where? I said in the car!” Barbara said.

While a vehicle is a horrible place to encounter a snake, you're more likely to see one in your yard or even home.

Jeffrey Weldon, owner of Weldon Wildlife Removal, said this cooler weather might be the reason why you're more likely to see a slithering snake. They're looking to get warm.

“Unfortunately, it's usually in a populated area, in a residential area, in a home or vehicle," he said.

Reporter: How often do you get calls for snakes?

Weldon: Every day, every day.

Also, watch out for your children. One in four snakebites each year happens to kids in Florida.

Friday, we found a snake around a scooter.

“Always watch where your hands are,” Weldon said.

Snakes look for good places to hide, like your yard if you have a lot of thick bushes and plants. So, keeping it well-maintained could trim your chances of seeing them.

And, if you see one in your car, you're out of luck. OK, just kidding, but you want to make sure to stay calm, try to pull over to the side of the road and call a professional to remove it.

Now, this part might sound crazy, but Weldon said having them around isn't all bad.

“The most common snake we have here in Florida is the black racer. They're great to have around. I prefer if people didn't kill them. They're great for pest control. They'll eat bugs. They'll eat small rodents. They'll actually keep away venomous snakes,” he said.