The President-elect landed in Florida on Tuesday, where he’ll spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

After a whirlwind week and a half of meetings in New York and New Jersey, Donald Trump still has a lot of big jobs to fill in his administration.

Trump is still on or ahead of schedule in naming members of his cabinet. That effort likely pauses now for a few days, with some big names left hanging over the holiday.

Mitt Romney’s weekend summit with the man he called a “fraud” and a “phony” during the height of the campaign appears to have gone well.

So well, in fact, that the Wall Street Journal reports Romney has become the leading candidate for Secretary of State in Donald Trump’s administration.

Another former Trump rival could be also be moving to Washington.

Donald Trump tweeted today that he was seriously considering offering the job of HUD secretary to Dr. Ben Carson.

On Fox News, Carson said Trump did offer him the job, and defended his credentials on issues of housing and urban development.

"I know that I grew up in an inner city and have spent a lot of time there," said Carson. "I have dealt with a lot of patients from that area. And I recognize that we cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities."

On Tuesday, a former Washingtonian signaled she would be unlikely to return. Michelle Rhee, the past chancellor of schools, tweeted that she was “not pursuing” a job with the Administration, despite a Saturday meeting with Mr. Trump.

“I will do whatever I can to be supportive.”

In his meeting with the New York Times, Trump seemed enamored with another of his Saturday guests... retired Marine General James Mattis.

Mattis apparently talked the president elect OUT of his desire to bring back waterboarding.

“I’ve never found it useful,” Trump said the general told him. “Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and I’ll do better.”

Mattis is reportedly Mr. Trump’s top choice for Secretary of Defense, but by law, he hasn’t been out of the military long enough to be eligible for that job. Congress would have to grant him a waiver.