ST. PETERSBURG — It’s always so fun to see video online of people who have reached incredible milestones.

So when we got the heads up about a 102-year-old woman's birthday party in St. Pete, we sent one of our photographers.

But here's the thing: We got a call later asking, “Where are you guys?”

It turns out we had gone to a different 102-year-old's birthday.

St. Elmo Burnett just turned 102.

And as it happens, so did Mary Torre.

Yep, two women, who we later found were both professional seamstresses, who live in the same city, and were born on the exact same day in 1915!

Think about that. These women were born during World War I, grew up during the Great Depression, were adults during World War II, witnessed Watergate, the fight for civil rights, Vietnam, the Gulf War, 9-11 ...

We thought we'd get these women together to talk. So when we got these two on the phone with each other, you'd think there'd be a lot to talk about.

And after talking, the pair wants to meet in person.

And after reaching 102 years old, with 204 years of experience between them, Mary and St. Elmo have some sage advice for you.

Don't smoke.

“I had my first cigarette when I was 12 years old. I didn't like the taste, and that was it!” Mary said. “Drink, I like a drink once in awhile.”

And Mary says to keep busy, pray, and keep your family close.

“That’s so important,” she said.

St. Elmo’s advice we can all agree on.

“Just to love everybody and treat everybody right,” she said.

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