Nature sure is amazing, but even the gentlest of creatures aren't above duking it out from time to time.

A Tennessee Wildlife officer captured some pretty captivating footage of two whitetail deer fighting in front of a trail camera.

In it, the two young bucks look like their furiously slapping each other. Even though it looks a bit silly, the deer are dead serious on establishing dominance.

The 'slap fight' is actually a little more vicious than it appears. A deer's hooves are razor sharp and can do a fair bit of damage, though it's unlikely to be more than a few cuts and bruises when all is said and done.

Typically, a doe will defend herself in this method, but younger bucks with immature antlers will also engage in these types of fights.

Mature bucks go all-out to establish dominance and claim mates, clashing with other bucks with their antlers. These battles typically end with one buck backing down before they get seriously hurt, but it's not unheard of for one of those clashes to turn deadly.

Still, if you have trail camera or nature camera, TWRA said it's time to get those out. With wild creatures hitting peak activity during summer, nature is sure to put on some fascinating shows like these.