Baby Sabrina.

That's what we all called her in 1997 when Steve and Marlene Aisenberg’s child disappeared from her crib in the middle of the night.

Her parents say they woke up and she was gone from her Valrico home.

This case made international headlines, but there was no sign of the baby

Soon after the parents were charged and then the parents and defense attorneys accused prosecutors and investigators of mishandling and lying about the case.

Now the Aisenbergs talk about how they've dealt with the case 20 years later.

“We have to move forward,” says Marlene. “We will never give up the fact, the home that sabrina is going to come home. We believe she will. But (their other children) William and Monica, they deserve to live a life ... It’s hard to imagine it’s been 20 years … and Sabrina’s still not home.”

Nearly two years after Sabrina's disappearance, investigators bugged the home and alleged they found incriminating audio evidence.

Investigators claimed the parents said they killed the child and she was dead and buried.

The Aisenbergs were indicted on conspiracy and perjury charges..

But there was a problem. No one, other than law enforcement, could understand what was on these tapes, that includes two judges.

Those tapes, which were the meat of the prosecution’s case were thrown out and charges were eventually dropped.

I asked them how they dealt with this.

“We understand that law enforcement has a job to do protect the public,” said Steve. “We understand law enforcement will do whatever they deem necessary to get that job accomplished. Whether it be to persecute innocent people in the process.

“Their mindset, from our point of view, has been to protect masses over the few.”

So, what now?

“At this point we have to hope (law enforcement officials) want her home too. That’s all we can do,” says Marlene.

Steve adds, “And hopefully they can look at it with fresh eyes, look over some of the leads that were called in that might have been pushed to the side … actually look for a baby not just a body. A young adult.”

An age progression photo shows looks like sister Monica

The bottom line: The Aisenbergs are hoping that one day Sabrina will be found.