TAMPA, FL -- It's looking like a Hail Mary for an on-campus stadium for USF. President Judy Genshaft updated alumni association board members about the school's feasibility study – saying they're serious about building one, but it could take five years minimum.

“I think it would be a great idea I know a lot of students don't go to the football games currently because it's so far at Raymond James,” said USF student Jordan Philyor.

The study includes where a stadium would go, how big it would be and how much it would cost. We requested a copy, but USF athletics said it's not finished.

“I don't think it'll be in the next five years, but I'll be surprised if it's not in the next 15,” said Collin Sherwin.

Sherwin is the managing editor for TheDailyStampede.com. He's written many stories about the stadium issue and recently interviewed Athletic Director Mark Harlan.

“From what we can ascertain, it seems like the feasibility study is more about where the stadium is going to go as opposed to how it's going to be paid for.”

Genshaft said the school must consider another issue – sinkholes.  

“No matter where you locate it, there's always going to be specific challenges for that,” Sherwin said.

“People say well why don't we tear down the golf course and build it right there. Well, one that's a huge swamp and then that sinkhole problem becomes even more exacerbated.”

President Genshaft did not mention any specific locations, but one buzzing with fans is Mosi. It has a prime location right across the street from campus and a bridge for fans to walk through.

“It would definitely boost school spirit a lot more, go bulls and bull spirit, I think it would be a good idea.”

We'll let you know when the school is finished with that feasibility study.