SEMINOLE HEIGHTS -- Four people were shot dead in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa within the last five weeks. A sense of fear has taken over the area.

In hopes of helping police catch the killer, there's been a lot of amateur detective work. Many people have been sharing their own theories and killer profiles on social media so it can be hard to figure out what's really true.

TIMELINE: 4 murders in Tampa neighborhood, killer at large

10News Reporter Liz Crawford is sorting through the speculation to verify what's true and what's false.

The suspect could be a woman


There's chatter that the suspect could be a woman with a more masculine build. That's not true. On Wednesday, Tampa Police said witnesses described a black male with some facial hair. While they won't rule out anything, TPD is focused on a tall, thin male standing between 6 feet tall and 6 feet 2 inches tall.

The suspect tosses his cellphone in a unique way


We can verify this is true. Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan stressed the importance of body language. He's urging people to look at the video. The chief called the suspect's posture unique with distinct mannerisms.

The killer is an outsider being dropped off and picked up


There's no truth to this. We can verify police are "quite certain" the killer knows the area.

The suspect is using the sewer system to escape


This is not true. Police said while he appears to vanish, nothing indicates he's using the sewer as a getaway technique. It's more likely he could live close by and easily escape.

A suspect sketch is being shared on social media


There's no sketch of the Seminole Heights killer. The sketch being shared on social media is from an old case.

The bottom line is a lot being said out there isn't true so be careful not to feed the rumor mill. The reward in the case was increased to $91,000.