It’s not very often you see people taking the side of a shoplifter. But that's what’s happening in North Carolina this week where customers are boycotting a store all over how a woman accused of stealing was treated by a store employee.

Cell phone video released by the NAACP shows that employee first kicking, then tackling a woman he suspected of stealing fake eyelashes, eventually putting her in a head lock.

While many argue store employees should have the right to take action when someone is stealing from their store, some civil rights advocates say regardless of the alleged crime, the employee went too far.

"You can't take police matters in your own hands. You cannot act like police," said a NAACP spokesman during a news conference about the incident in Charlotte.

Customer Christine Berry agrees. “I don't think he should have kicked her. I think he should have called the authorities and let them handle it.”

The store employee, Sung Ho Lim, apologized to protestors outside the store and has since been fired.

Police say no arrests have been made in the case.

You can watch video of the incident from WBTV in Charlotte.