Friday is Veterans Day, and this year there are several new programs with a focus on getting much-needed help and recognition for the men and women who serve our nation.


You've probably heard about those incredible honor flights to allow veterans to travel for free and see the monuments built in their honor. Yet, some veterans may not be able to travel, because of Health concerns. Now, the group: Honor Everywhere, is bringing the memorials to veterans through virtual reality using 3-D goggles.


This Veterans Day is particularly special for female warriors. This is the first Veterans Day since the historic ban on women participating in ground combat was lifted.

Just this year, the first women graduated from Ranger School, becoming role models for the next generation of female warriors.

Now, 22 young women are about to be commissioned as infantry and armor officers as they graduate from West Point, officer candidate and R.O.T.C. programs. They face rigorous tasks, but if they meet the challenge and pass their remaining courses, they will be in line to become platoon leaders.

In future years some of these women may make it to company commander, leading 200 combat troops at a time, and perhaps some years after that, some will become battalion commanders, responsible for as many as 1,000 combat troops.


There's also a big focus this year on new, free programs to help transition veterans from active duty to high paying careers.