PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- A piglet named Maple got a forever home and the loving embrace of a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office deputy as documented in a wonderful video posted by the SPCA of Tampa Bay on Facebook.

Pigs must have been on Dep. Savetz mind after receiving "two or three" calls for lost pigs recently, he recalls in the video.

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His most recent run-in with the porcine species was on October 9 when Dep. Savetz was on a call to rescue "Priscilla" who wandered away from her home. He contacted the SPCA so he could bring Priscilla to a shelter so her owner could be found.

Priscilla the pig was rescued by Deputy Savetz earlier this week.

The experience putting Priscilla in the back of his patrol vehicle was a positive one as he recalls the pig falling asleep in the back. According to the post, Priscilla's owner was located and will be returned home.

At the SPCA, Dep. Savetz told workers that he always wanted a pig of his own and he was interested in adopting one with their help.

That call was answered on October 12 when the SPCA had little Maple up for adoption. The official handover from SPCA to Dep. Savetz was made complete when intake counselor Toni hands the towel-swaddled piglet to him.

Congratulations to Maple and to Dep. Savetz for providing her a loving home.