TAMPA — Twenty sixteen was a year of change for our country.

So today, we're looking to dreams for the future.

While families, friends, and kids were out walking the Tampa Riverwalk enjoying the holiday, we asked them: what are your hopes for 2017?

“I want to build closer relationships with my family. These are people that were going to be with for a while, so it makes sense to try and get along with them a little bit better,” Isaac Pankonin said.

“My hopes for the new year is to just be a more gracious, forgiving, genuinely caring, loving person of others. I think if we could all be a bit more forgiving of one another, then it's easier to be a bit more loving of one another and isn't that what makes everything a bit more pleasant,” said Rebekah Brownlee.

“Being away from home at school, I hope to stay more in touch with my family. I need to call my mom more often when I'm at school to be honest. I need to keep her up-to-date with everything that's going on it's so much fun. Mom means everything right?”Chase Levesque confided.

“A water slide for my pool,” decided a young Ryder Brenman.

“For there not to be as many crimes and stuff around,” added his older brother Parker.

“Hopefully we're all going to have a better year this year. Everybody. I think everybody deserves a better year this year. That's what I feel. Love and light. Happy new year,” said Bbrit Kit Mitchell.

“What I want is really just to be an example to be kind. I can't expect everyone to be kind but I figure if I can set the tone,” said David Walcott. “The only person that can change anything is ourselves for ourselves. And if we started with ourselves, and we put out that theme, as you said, of kindness, I think we're heading in the right direction.”

So what is YOUR hope for 2017? Head to our Facebook post here and let us know!