The hit Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" is based on a best selling book that tells the story of a teenage girl who takes her own life, but leaves behind cassette tapes to the people responsible for her death.  And it covers a topic that isn't the easiest to talk about... suicide.  We wanted to find out what teens are seeing, saying and learning about this important show. 
Molly, Jalieeann and Anthony are all seniors at a Tampa area high school.  All three have seen the show "13 Reasons Why."  "I watched it within two days. All 13 episodes in 2 days," said Anthony.

Hannah, the show's main character is bullied to varying degrees leading up to her decision to end her own life.  Her parents had no idea how serious it was and these teens tell me a lot of parents just don't get it.  Anthony even said, "To the parent, it may seem minor and small, but to the teenager, it's like an everyday thing. It's what goes on. It's their whole entire life."
They say after watching the show, they think more about how they treat others.  And they now know what they'd do if they had a serious problem.  "I think I'd be able to go to my siblings or a teacher at school and just talk about my problems," said Molly.
The show is getting some criticism as well.  Some people say it glorifies suicide.
And it is graphic, so another reason for parents to watch it first and decide if their kids are ready for it.