PLANT CITY, FL -- It's a scary thing to think. What if you had an emergency and weren't able to call for help?

That's what happened overnight to people who use AT&T.

They weren't able to dial 9-1-1 for about two hours.

So, what are your other options if something like this happens to you?

So, let’s imagine you’re having an emergency right now.

You call 9-1-1, but the call isn't going through. You try again, doesn't work.

Take a few moments to decide what you would do next… What'd you come up with?

If you thought, pick up the landline phone, that’s an option.

But, chances are, you might not have one though or be near one.

One thing you can do with your cell phone is call a police department's non-emergency number.

With many police departments, their 9-1-1 system is separate from that line, just in case of a situation like this one.

“An option at that point, if you can't dial 9-1-1, would be to maybe call 0 for an operator and ask what the non-emergency number is for the local agency,” said Sgt. Al Van Duyne, a spokesman for Plant City police.

Another thing you could do is ask someone for help.

“If they have a different carrier, that call will probably go through. And, in most instances, especially here in Plant City, people are very helpful and willing to assist in times of need,” Van Duyne said.

Preparing now could save you critical time if an emergency does happen.

The chairman of the FCC said on Twitter they are still investigating the AT&T outage.