Many in the community are hurting after a national spate of officer shootings, including the families of other law enforcement professionals.

Taylor Morgan is the wife of a local police officer. She shared what it's like to say goodbye to her husband every day, knowing he might not return.

Morgan’s husband is a rookie is the police force. We asked how the Morgans felt coming into the department during a time when attacks on law enforcement are prevalent.

"It's hard and it's scary,” said Taylor Morgan. “Every night when I kiss him goodbye, it’s not known if he will come home in the morning. We have a child, a young son together. I'm always taking pictures of them because I never know if that's the last picture I will take of them.

"It's a calling, it’s what he was made to do so whether I want him to do this or not he will continue suiting up every day and protecting our community."

Morgan says the hurt for felt for other families across the country.

“I'm so sad for my sisters who are burying their husbands and the fathers of their children. It's something that you never imagine will happen to you, but the truth is it could happen to any of us,” she said. “So, having that support with one another is so vital.”

So what can we do to show we care about our local police officers?

"Saying ‘Hi’ and saying ‘Thank you’ for your service," Morgan suggested. "Offering a wave or smile when you see an officer on duty."

"I want my husband to come home and say it was great. I had all these people come up to me and say ‘Hi’ to me today. I really felt like I was supported or made a difference,” said Morgan.

So many in law enforcement aren't doing it for the money, judging by their salaries. They typically range from $45,000 to $50,000 annually. Given the dangers they face every day, that's not much at all.