LAKE WALES, Fla. (WTSP) -- The men who shot and killed a convenience store clerk are still on the run, and his family wants justice. It happened a couple of weeks ago at a gas station in Lake Wales.

Mohammed Allam’s wife, Arzina Hafsa, is asking anyone who might have information about Allam’s murder to come forward.

Hafsa went to the convenience store the morning Allam was killed to check on him, because he usually would’ve been home by then.

So many times I asked the police, " 'He's OK? He's OK?' But they said, 'I don't know,’” she said.

Hafsa then went to the hospital, hoping doctors would be able to save her husband.

"I was waiting and waiting, then after thirty minutes the doctor came and held my hand. 'He is no more. He is no more,’” she said, breaking down into tears.

Police said Allam was finishing his shift at this convenience store when two men in hoodies demanded he give them his pants. Then one of them shot him. You can see both of them running away on surveillance video.

“He was a very good husband and good father,” Hafsa said.

Police found Allam's cell phone not far from the scene, but the killers are still out there. His wife and police want to bring them to justice.

“There's a man who went to work, was doing his part, worked a full shift, going home at 2 a.m. walking out to his truck, and was robbed, shot and killed over whatever little bit he may have had in his pant pockets,” Deputy Chief Troy Schulze of the Lake Wales Police Department said.

Police said there was a similar robbery at a convenience store over summer. The two cases might be linked.

Crimestoppers, which can be reached at 800-226-TIPS (8477), and the Lake Wales Police Department are offering a $5,000 reward.

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