The sounds of Black Friday at Shooters World in Tampa are -- booming.

"What are you looking to get ... magazines barrels?" said general manager Bruce Kitzis, who says regardless of what's happening around the country the number of customers and firearms sold here is up.

"We track our sales by the hour and we are up substantially from last year and the year before that," said Kitzis.

An election that touted both sides of the Second Amendment increased sales leading up to Nov. 8, but with a new president-elect sales have since dropped nationwide.

"There's not the immediate rush that there would have been if people thought things were going to be outlawed," Kitzis said.

"Never really put much thought to it. I have my own collection just like to add to it every once in a while especially when I can get them on sale," said Brad Knight.

Knight says election aside he's shopping on Black Friday to save money.

"Just always looking for good deals," Knight said.

"The mindset of the customer and right now I'm seeing just really comfortable people. There doesn't seem to panic and they're shopping," Kitzis said.

Kitzis says one of the main things the store did to stay ahead of the curve was to add four new registers. It allows employees to process customers faster eliminating the wait.

"Some of the things people have been seeing in the magazines we're trying to diversify and make sure we've got a very wide, stretched inventory," said Kitzis.

He says being a responsible gun owner is still a top priority.

"Today you're seeing a lot of people concerned with personal safety and defense, our classes have been up, handguns as well as sporting rifles. So it's been a very good Black Friday," said Kitzis.

Business has been so good Shooters World is planning to open two more stores soon in Orlando and The Villages.

Its Black Friday specials run through the weekend.

10News WTSP said that Black Friday 2015 saw the most gun background checks.

The date with the second-highest checks -- Dec. 21, 2012 -- just days after the Sandy Hook school shooting. And the third highest: Black Friday 2014.