TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. -- Raccoons are smelly, a nuisance and some are even dangerous. OK, you probably hate them like many people do, but one woman might change your mind about them.

For 12 years, Marilyn Waldorf has been taking in rescue animals and her specialty became raccoons.

“They're so cute,” she said.

Now, she has more than a dozen in her home. She says she’s one of few Floridians with a license to turn her house into an animal shelter.

“It sort of balances out my life.”

She says they might seem pesky when really we've taken over their habitat. Once she raises them, she prepares them to go back into the wild.

“They deserve a life. There's a lot of dog and cat places that take care of the orphan babies and I'm just one of the rehabbers that take raccoons.”

"I work with a lot of trappers."

One of them is Jeff Weldon, who often brings her little babies.

“Middle of the night, she doesn't care, she'll get up at 3-4 o’ clock in the morning and say come on bring them up here, we'll get them all nursed up,” Weldon said.

There's a lot to learn about raccoons.

“They're very clean, they're very smart,” Waldorf said.

“They're not good pets, but I fill a need for the sick, the injured and the orphaned.”

So, next time you see one, don't feed them, but being a little nicer to a fellow mammal, won't hurt you.