"I did nothing for this all I did was walk through my house and step in people's pee and my dogs were laying in it and nobody cares," said Cynthia Harvey, who is visibly upset that her home was flooded with raw sewage on Oct. 17.

She said, "I have no walls, my furniture is ruined, I have no doors."

Harvey has already racked up nearly $7,000 in bills to clean her home and she still needs to repair damage to the walls and floor. She thinks Pasco County should foot the bill for the fixes.

"My plumbing is good. I had Roto-Rooter come out to check everything thing out and it wasn't my fault," Harvey said.

The county admits it was, in fact, its sewage line that had a grease blockage under the road. The problem, the county says, is it has a No Notice policy, which means since nobody notified the county of the blockage prior to the backup. The county says it's not liable for damages.

"It's impossible for us to act to stop something that we're not notified of in advance," said Barbara Hitzemann with Pasco County Human Resources.

"It went through my house was it my fault?" Harvey questioned.

Pasco County says yes because Harvey doesn't have the proper insurance coverage to protect her from sewage backups.

"Absolutely, through homeowner's insurance would be the way that that's resolved," Hitzemann said.

"This time I'm going to check everything out, yes I'll pay the hundred dollars per year," Harvey said.

Take it from Harvey -- buying the water backup coverage to protect your property could prevent a smelly mess in your home that nobody wants to claim.

An insurance expert tells 10News WTSP the extra water backup coverage costs around $50 to $100 per year on the average home.

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